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ROB3 evo

Опрыскиватели Шарнирные

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The articulated  low volume sprayer model ROB3 EVO, with pneumatic atomization based on the "Venturi Tube" principle, performs chemical treatments with a low volume of water.
The fan group is mounted on the 3-point hitch frame and the distribution sprayhead is directly fitted on the fan group.
The articulated  joint to which the trailer with the tank is connected  allows the sprayer to turn with a short turning radius and without a constant velocity cardan shaft. Duly adjusted, the trailer wheels pass in the same path as the tractor. Maximum performance with low operating costs and low maintenance.

Характеристики  - оснастка ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ НОРМАТИВА ЕС 

  • 800-1000 and 1500lt. main tank in polyethylene equipped with gratuated level indicator
  • Polyethylene spray-line rinsing tank placed below the main tank (gives the machine an excellent stability)
  • 30lt. hand-washing tank
  • Hydraulic pre-mixer incorporated within the basket filter
  • Two agitation systems, liquid and air
  • C.I.M.A.'S centrifugal pump (no diaphrams or valves) made of anticorrosive material and requiring no maintenance.
  • CIMA additional  agitation pump (no diaphrams or valves) made of anticorrosive material, standard supplied on the 1500 lt.tank models.
  • Pressure regulator with manual control and Ø 100mm pressure gauge (0÷6 atm)
  • Spraying ON/OFF control by remote control electro-valves from tractor seat
  • Rotating calibration discs, 15 positions - delivery from 100 to 5000 l/h
  • Steel high pressure radial fan with fan disengagement, polyethylene fan housing
  • Poly-V belt drive with automatic tensioner.
  • Overrunning clutch – safety stop device in the event the PTO is suddenly stopped
  • Steel frame, electrostatic painted with polyester powder.
  • Wheel-hubs adjustable in width and height, electrostatic painted with polyester powder
  • Bottom links (cat.1-2) that can be set in four positions and adjustable drawbar of the trailer.

Movement of the arms and structural features

  • The opening of the arms is simultaneous and follows the “work” value of the selected program
  • Working range: adjustable in a 2m ÷ 3m range with steps of 0.1m (opening is controlled by the chosen work program)
  • Maneuvering position: partial closing of both arms (factory setting value) to allow maneuvers in narrow rows and short headlands. This data can be customized according to the user's needs.
  • Transport position: maximum folding of both arms to allow the storage in the company and for the road circulation (in compliance with the maximum width required by the road traffic regulations - ROB3 road homologation is optional and UE type).
  • Each single arm can be deactivated : in this condition, both the movement and the spraying are inhibited.
  • The kinematics for the arm movement allows to keep constant the height of the sprayhead from the ground, without using a vertical cylinder
  • The structure of the arms is reticular in order to guarantee both the high structural strength and the lightness construction
  • corrosion resistance is guaranteed by a modern two-coats powder coating process (primer + final painting)


  • ROB 3 Evo sprays 3 rows at the same time by acting on 6 distribution sections (each section is for each single side of the row)
  • manual operation: the spraying sections can be activated / deactivated individually (*) to allow treatment near the headlands or more generally on the sides of the rows. ((*)this is not valid in case of use of the machine equipped with ultrasonic sensors). The activation / deactivation of the individual sections is controlled directly from the PLC monitor. Spraying is not active below 1km / h.
  • automatic operation in the presence of ultrasonic sensors (optional): there are 4 ultrasonic sensors (2 for each drop) which read  the internal and external rows. The sensors detect the presence of vegetation and activate the spraying on the section concerned. In absence of vegetation detection, the section does not spray the product. Spraying is not active below 1km / h. The "automatic" operation can be disabled by the user and the machine can be managed manually.
  • When the arm opening positions are outside the working range (2m ÷ 3m), the spraying is automatically disabled.
  • Advance and delay of spraying: the advance in opening and the delay in closing  assure the correct coverage at the beginning and at the end of the row. The advance and delay values are usually set up at the factory. The user can eventually adjust them according to his needs (within a set range)
  • The ultrasonic sensors can be adjusted in height according to the plant vegetative growth

Техническая информация

  ROB3 EVO 55 S ROB3 EVO 55 E
Tractor Minimum required power  58 kW – 80 hp Minimum required power  66 kW – 90 hp
Sprayer Absorbed power  34 kW - 47 hp Absorbed power  41 kW – 55 hp
Fan 550 mm. dia.steel closed radial fan  3700 rpm – air delivery 14000m3/h – air speed 170 m/sec 550 mm. dia.steel closed radial fan  3900 rpm – air delivery 15500m3/h – air speed 180 m/sec
Pump centrifugal spray and agitation CIMA CD 32 pump  4250 rpm – 140 lt./min delivery – 4,5 kg/cm² max pressure centrifugal spray and agitation CIMA CD 32 pump  4250 rpm – 140 lt./min delivery – 4,5 kg/cm² max pressure

Values can vary according to the used distribution sprayhead

  800 lt. 1000 lt. "narrow" 1000 lt. lt.1500
length cm 322 cm 330 cm 322 cm 396
width cm 115 - 135 cm 139 - 165 cm 115 - 139 cm 166 - 210
TRANSPORT POSITION WIDTH cm 230 cm 230 cm 230 cm 230
height cm 169   cm 172 cm 169 cm 172
weight kg 523   kg 553   kg 550 kg 683
tyres 7.00-12
10/80-12 (opt.)
10/75-15,3 (opt.)
10/75-15,3 (opt.)

The value are indicative only and may vary depending on the configuration of the machine.




  • Смеситель
  • Кардан
  • Комплект задних лампочек
  • Комплект МОЙКИ ЯЩИКА
  • Система труб для автоматического заполнения

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