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The Variable Rate Technology (VRT) CIMA low volume pneumatic sprayer

Usually, the criterion used in the distribution of chemicals is to determine the dose of the product according to the soil surface to be treated, regardless of volume foliar crop.
This can lead to a considerable waste in the distribution of the chemicals.

The Variable Rate Technology (VRT) CIMA low volume pneumatic sprayer enables to adjust the quantity of chemicals applied depending on the size of the foliage: a targeted and more reliable solution than the adjustment based on the soil surface.
The low volume pneumatic sprayer is equipped with a proportional distribution system based on an algorithm that, in addition to the collection of the speed data, uses the volume foliar crop data (provided in real time from the ultrasound sensors) to manage the delivery proportionally to the speed and to the luxuriance of the vegetation.
It is also possible to combine the system with a foliar feeding distributor that works in a selective way using the crop mappings, or in manual control by the operator.
The main plus of the system are:
- The increase in the quality of treatment
- The drastic reduction of the drift.
This is possible because the system maintains a constant application rate according to the foliar surface, unlike the conventional treatment which tends to decrease the coverage when the foliage thickens.
The CIMA VRT sprayer gives undeniable advantages from the point of view of the environmental, economic and social development of agriculture.

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