EPA Kit– Delivery Proportional to the Advance

It is possible to fit the EPA kit to the CIMA sprayers to strengthen three essential factors such as:

  • PROTECTION- Uniform and homogeneous distribution of the chemicals
  • SAVING - High accuracy in spraying constant amounts of product
  • QUALITY - Assurance of a more efficient protection of the crops

kit EPA

The EPA is the unique system that guarantees a constant delivery of liters per ha.
The on-board computer keeps the speed and the pressure continuosly monitored. The perfect adjustment of these two functions allows the best balance between speed and right amount of the chemicals distributed according to the area to be covered.

Further to the trailed sprayers, the EPA kit is available also for the 3-point mounted NEW PLUS models.

Download the EPA kit brochure - 3-point mounted sprayers

Download the EPA kit brochure - Trailed sprayers

Download the EPA kit brochure - Articulated sprayers