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New Plus 42

3-point mounted Sprayer

sprayheads available
Accessories available
EPA 2.0

The 3-point mounted low volume sprayer model New Plus 42 , with pneumatic atomization based on the "Venturi Tube" principle, performs chemical treatments with a low volume of water.
Heavy and compact,  precise in the applications of the quantities of chemicals, it  works easily on  the uneven grounds and guarantees high operation autonomy.
Maximum performance with low operating costs and low maintenance.
This sprayer  is very unique in the market  with hand-washing and spray-line rinsing tanks included into the main tank, and with two mixing agitations systems ( hydraulic/pneumatic).

Specifications  - Equipment ONLY FOR EC REGULATION 

  • 300 and 400lt. main tank in polyethylene equipped with gratuated level indicator
  • 15lt. hand-washing tank and spray-line rinsing tank (GOLD models only) (30 or 40lt depending on the sprayer model)
  • Hydraulic pre-mixer incorporated within the basket filter
  • Two agitation systems, liquid and air
  • C.I.M.A.'S centrifugal pump (no diaphrams or valves) made of anticorrosive material and requiring no maintenance.
  • Pressure regulator with manual control and Ø 100mm pressure gauge (0÷6 atm)
  • Spraying ON/OFF control by remote control electro-valves from tractor seat
  • Rotating calibration discs, 15 positions - delivery from 70 to 3300 l/h
  • Poly-V belt drive with automatic tensioner.
  • Overrunning clutch – safety stop device in the event the PTO is suddenly stopped
  • Steel frame, electrostatic painted with polyester powder designed for installing optional support wheels
  • Steel high pressure radial fan with fan disengagement, polyethylene fan housing

Technical information

Tractor Minimum required power 18 kW – 25 hp
Sprayer Absorbed power 13 kW – 18 hp
Fan 450 mm. dia.steel closed radial fan  4000 rpm – air delivery 4000 m3/h – air speed 228 m/sec
Pump centrifugal spray and agitation CIMA CD 32 pump  4000 rpm – 120 lt./min delivery – 4,5 kg/cm2 max pressure

Values can vary according to the used distribution sprayhead

  300 lt. 400 lt.
length 144-162 cm 144-162 cm
width 96 cm 112 cm
height (Standard model) 119 cm 122 cm
height (GOLD model) 127 cm 130 cm
weight (Standard model) 208 kg 211 kg
weight (GOLD model) 216 kg 219 kg

The value are indicative only and may vary depending on the configuration of the machine.






  • Electrical pressure reg.valve
  • Cardan shaft
  • Filling pipe with foot valve and filter
  • d.175 collar
  • d.175 manual swivelling device
  • D.175 hydraulical swivelling device
  • Couple of wheels with hubs and mud-scrapers
  • Container washing device
  • 4 electrovalve control unit
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